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MODEL OF THE MOMENT..... The Brian Norman FE35 ~ and the "real deal"

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Well... it's that time again.... I wanted to do the 130 direct drill... but we are a democracy on here.. so I'm doing it anyway...  :D :D - JUST KIDDING...

So... here it is... in all it's glory... Brian Normans WONDERFUL model of the MF35 - in 1:32 scale...

Being this scale... and very much like the new UH 35x... she's quite a small piece... but packed with detail none-the-less ... anyway... feast your eyes on this one..  :o



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Right then... on to the "real deal" ... I am sure if we ask Kev nicely... he'll pop up some pics of Penny the "FTF FE35" (yes Kev... whats yours is ours  ;D ) ...

Anyway... I've got a few brochures on the real thing to post... first.... two early UK spec brochures...

The TE20 was first replaced by the FE35 "Grey & Gold" tractor in the early 50's..... then in 1957 (er... I think)... Massey changed the colour to the Grey and Red livery we all know and love... this is the 1957 brochure....



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