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mf 595


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I should mention that the 595 came out sometime before the rest of the 500 series actually... but it still had the same cab  ;)

I can recall a 'P' registered 595 working near me back in the mid seventies i think it was 1976

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You had to start him off Matty  ::) ::)::) ::)  needed a good reason for 1 person to get in that dog of a cab let alone 2   :D :D :D :D

:D :D :D>:( >:(>:( - oi... less of that Mister - you pinch my bird... now you "dis my tractor" - good job I'm only little... now come here and let me bite your ankles  >:(
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well thats conclusive proof from Marky but I also know from personal experience................I`ve been in MF500`s since 1978, the first tractor I ever drove was dad`s new 565 then  I was 9........did work in it on a reg basis from 1982, Also  a 575 , red cab ,and from 1986 til today a red cab 590.that tractor was rolled over on its first day`s work at a farm nearby, we got it 3rd hand.its a W reg

Def  no factory fitted second seat, single person cab only...........that said I used to fit behind the seat , between and the back window, as did a dog when I wasnt there!

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I've driven a 595 in the past and it had no passenger seat or door for that mater.The door keep coming apart and was for ever needing to be re welded so in the the end it was taken off.

One of the biggest heaps of sh!t MF ever made I feel,give me a 188 any day.

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