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1/64 JD Precision Authentics


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Moved this topic because I put it in the wrong place ::)

Does anyone have this Number 1 JD 8530?  If so what are they like, any comments much appreciated.


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They are just a baby Precision. They have great detail for the size and for the price it is well worth it.

I bought one last year and opened it up to look it over then put it away till I build a new display room at my new house. I planned on adding the 1/64 Precision sprayer but would rather spend the $30 on a UH model.

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I don't own the 8530 but there's one on the shelf in the local hardware store going "buy me, buy me". The price was way out of line at about 20 quid, now its down nearer 13, so, close to what Robert is quoting but I'm in the same boat as him, that dosh could go to a UH Claas Rake or one of the Lemken pieces. :P

It looks good, like a detailed newer 1/64 (which is what they are ;)) but they are a night and day difference compared to the late '80s and early '90s 1/64 models.

If you are aleady a 1/64 collector, I'd say its a "must have". If you have no other 1/64 I don't know if I'd bother.

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