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Here's a rare one... Another strange cover design... French MF130 tractor

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That's a nice brochure Marky, freind of mine was saying yesterday that he had boxes full of brochures but he can't find them and he knows he did'nt chuck them, he'll probably come across them all by chance one day when he's looking for something else, like we all do, and say 'I've been looking for that for years'.

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Yes indeed Stan... not a reliable engine... and very much underpowered I believe... lots of problems with brakes as well  :o - not the best Tractor Massey ever made really  :-\

And by no means the worst!  ;D:D :D :-*

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I have this one. There was a whole set of them for all the various models, plus, I think the MF 155, etc. I don't have them all.

I miss the days when all the different countries had their own literature - however, it certainly makes it easier to collect the stuff now that each of the European manufacturers distribute virtually the same brochures in each country, just in different languages. However, the States and Canada still have their own unique literature.

R Day

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