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Has anyone on here successfully modified the drawbar of one of these little gems yet, and have Universal Hobbies cottoned on to the reason why they probably haven't sold too many of them.

    Sadly, their stupid mistake with the drawbar and PTO, has not only meant that probably, very few of them have been sold, but the lack of response may have prevented them from introducing further 1/16th implements, thinking that there may not be a market for them. ..............Doooh.  ???:(

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itsd only a case of moving the pto drive above the tow hitch though isnt it????? looks simple enough to do i have thought about buying one and doing that, and a paint job to, as it looks near on identical to a small vicon we had on the smaller farm, same size shape the lot,

On the real Vicon spreader; all you had to do was remove the sideplates on the drawbar where it had height adjustment, and fit the drawbar under the PTO. I would like to see an actual model of the spreader to see how feasible modification is...............  Hmmm  ;):)
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