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TM190's Trip to MF/Fendt Dealer


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well done blake... great pics...thanks for sharing mate... can't say i am over struck on the look of a 5455 droop-snoot 2wd  :-\

I'd love that plough  :P

Marky that 5455 was hidious  :-\ :-\ :-\

But that plough  :P :P :P :P :P:-*

blake was that cjril johnstons you went to???

Took a trip up to John Mcelderrys in Ballymoney N.I. this morning  ;D ;D ;D

Got a few lot of pics for you's  ;) ;)

Bear with me till i get them all up  :) :) :)

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Excellent pictures Blake, a few questions what is the Claas implement on the back of the MF for? What is the Claas header for which model? Are all MF 5445's that low? Or is thta just got tiny wheels?

Cool pictures mate keep up the good work  ;)

Thats a set of mowers without the mowers if you get me, and an auto swather on back  ;) ;)

Don't know anything about the claas header sorry  :-[:-[

The 5445 is low cause of the wheels and uneven ground i think  :-\ :-\

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