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Painting Siku MF 8280 wheels



Well, i've had one go at spray painting the MF 8280 wheels by using Halfords grey primer, and then John Deere's own yellow spray paint, this created problems with the paint not sticking to the wheels, especially around the bolts and the right angled parts.  After applying a few coats the finish was terrable, almost a big blob of paint.

Has anybody else painted the Siku MF 8280 wheels and got any pointers?

I was thinking of using Humbrol primer and then spry painting it.

Or should i use other primers/paints etc?

Any help would be graitfully recieved.  :)

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i have had a similar prob, and i think it was down to the paint not being mixed/shaken well enough, as after i warmed it then shook it for a few mins it fianlly went on fine, one thing though would white primer be better for jd yellow, think thats what cj used on his jd's

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Use white primer as a base for light colours like yellow and give it a chance to dry off properly. Make sure the yellow is warmed up before use (they're tested in the factory in Hot water at 55ish degrees C so dont worry about getting it warm) Don't spray in a cold or damp room and like Gav said spray in several thin coats.

This works for me :)

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One other thing i shouild have metioned.......is acryic paint the stuff to use?

I could only find grey primer in hobbycraft, they've run out of primer paint altogether in Antics, so i'm now looking at ebay for white primer paint!

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much the same as above bazza, i use white primer for my 6920 convos with jd yellow in thin coats in a warm room and you should be OK but as will said they have changed supplier there paint may be a tad different, i havent tried any of it myself yet  :)

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