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I have asked my local N/H dealer over here in Canada about them and he said they do not exist yet but he got me a box of the 5000 series. He thinks they may come out in the next dealer catalogue from what he said. I hope he knows what he's talking about as I  can by them cheaper from him than Ebay.

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I seem to remember that I read in one of the magazines that Britain's are, from the beginning of 2008 dropping 'dealer' boxes in the U.K and just 'badging' boxes but the RC2 side is still doing them for the U.S market. The only source for the dealer boxed Ford 5000 that I have come across is from G&M but I may stand to be corrected on this. When Britain's release a new model, the first batch will carry the 'badging' and supplied to dealers before the general release ones.

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I think my brother got a dealer boxed 5000 from toptractor ;)

I got my 5000 from G&M when they were at lanark last year. I ve dropped Layla an e-mail to ask about dealer ones for the 7000 and the 7600

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