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JD7430 Panoramic cab

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yeah i'm thinking the same :-\.....not that i go in there ::)

reminds me i need to pop in if i can this week ::)

Did you remove the cab knob bluegreen?

is the SS exhaust just a Siku gimmick then?

No FB they are available and so is the deluxe leather seat and wood effect dash  ;) ;)

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Hi Guys,

Sorry for delay, pressure of work!!    Firstly yes it is Ben Bs of Newmarket & these were the first panoramic cabs too arrive :)  Now i have too find where they will be heading so i can get in field shots 8)

My model is a convo of Agritechnica special edition ;)  I fitted 6920 wheels &tyres all round as they are far more realistic than standard 7430 ones in my opinion.  Three coats of shiney yellow enamel paint, some silver paint for wheel nuts too finish them of properly ;)    I added one of pauls JD front weights, also a phone antenna (from Mac MTX) which i placed next to spot where i hacked of annoying roof knob >:(  I m more pleased with this model than my original 7530 & may well switch that one onto 6920 wheels etc too :)

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How much are the Agritechnia 7430's?

Is that the 'Power' set or are they both completely different model numbers?

?30ish i think from dealers?, was last time i asked!

yeah the power set i think Luke has that model, there's no other JD releases from memory?

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