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Renault Drilling


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  • 2 weeks later...

How old is the 926, she looks well........ :)

It's on a G plate, so around 98 I think...

What is the drill John - looks quite old ???

It's an Accord with the coulters modified to give three rows for trash clearance. I think it's only a bout 10 years old but spends most of it's life outside. :( and it's a Khun 4002 p. harrow.  :)

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Great pics john, but 190hp out of 620 :o :o  Bit over top my old 735 was only just pushing that out and that could drink wouldnt want to imagine what engine tweaked as much as that one would drink, or wear putting on gearbox as know with 700 series have an uprated clutch etc sure they do ??? ???

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