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John Deere 8520T, 6430, 6930 & 3640

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Little update :D

6430 en 8520T got theyr first coat of paint but I wasn't pleased with the result So I sanded them once again.



Did some work on the tank of the 6930, also almost ready for paint 8)


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First of all thanks guys!

An update on the 6430 & 6930. The 6430 is almost finished, just some on the frontaxle and I have to scratch built a dash-board. The 6930 will be painted tomorrow, and I fitted a PMA rearhitch.




I put some bondo (if you understand what I mean?!) on the hood. Just waiting for my front weights and rear hitch.


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I did some work on the 6930, it's almost ready. But what wheels to use?! I have the following on my list

Siku Fendt 718

UH Fendt 818

Or Deutz TTV those are under it right now.


Interior with pedals




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Thanks guys, maybe it'll get a fronthitch maybe not.

Again an update, still need to do

give the frontaxle a little spray

make the frontsuspension not a working one but just that it looks like it has it.

and some touching up and detailing



Here an outside photo, the colours look a lot better in the sun!


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looking good with that pma rear hitch,

one thing though is that the final position for the front axel, as it seems very low wheel height  against the bonnet, almost as if the bonnets to high, i only ask as this convo is done on the same chassis ect and the front wheels seem to sit a lot closer to the right height,sort of mid bonnet so to speak


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