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At work with Nick


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Ok folks, new job mains lots of pics when i get the chance, so far this week we have

Cut the last 10acres of maize, in paddock stack, ploughed over one paddock, disced over 2 other paddocks, and dug a dam with my digger,

Any way here are some pics




Any one know what tractor im in in this pic?

5130 poughing ahead of me



Maize chopping






More pics still

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It's very comman here nashmach.

It must get muddy when your feeding out the stack if you've made it on worked soil Nick?

Only if the monkey loading out skids it up when taking the silage out, its not worked up ground, its maze stubble ,

Ill have some more pics when i get my phone out again

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Well thourght i should do a slight update here,

Been pretty busy

We drilled all the maize paddocks out into new grass, Pushed out the sand hill for this year on the main farm, got out new root rake/grapple for the same tractor for cleaning up after the hedge cutter

I will have some pics later of last weeks work, cant get pb going at the moment

We have had the drainge boys in with a inter darin trencher a pc 60 digger a jd 3140 with stone bin and a leyland 4wd with stone bin

Pics later

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I was gutted to have missed maize on my trip Nick :'( Saw Austins guys hard at it with trucks though and another gang with tractors, dicky was hauling. Great pics, such a wonderful country.

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What's going on in picture 9?  :D

Dont wory boys there is a truck there on the right hand corner of the chopper, they were still on the opening lap, dont know why the mrs hadnt shifted out yet :-\

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Few pics form the last few weeks

Had the james pasture subsoiler on the mxu110, cor she could pig root with this on





Thats all of those, got around 3/4 of the main farm done that we wanted, so 8 out of the 12 paddocks, we try to do 3 paddocks in each area each year, make sence?? its now  to hard to pull it with out making a mess

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Now on to the drainge boys, the trencher is a interdrain, pro built machine, only done 700 hrs


Ant she ugly  ::)



Inside the cab look at all them levers, was control screens on the other side but my phone packed a sad  :(


Our 2040 on loader duty for the stone bins


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Now the dirty old leyland, i didnt drive her, we put this bin on our own 4240 but i didnt get pics



She looked like she would have been a nice drive tho

Found another of the trencher


And that is all for now, ill get more pics at work when i get my new cell phone, hope this one lasts longer than 3 months  ::)

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Nice pics Nick a what a lovley 3140  :-*:-* ;D ;D

Ohh i know she was, you would have been crying if you herd the normal driver driving her, grinding every gear  :'( :'( he was juts plain rough on her :'( >:( >:( Now how do you think yours would go driving half way around the world :D :D When you here her start up in 30ish hours its not me taking her ::) ::)

I am now trying to find one for sale at a nice price

Did you shorten the pre-cleaner on the 3140 yourself?

Nope not our tractor, was the contractors machine

Thanks for the comments guys, yeah it was slightly difffrent, but no one knew what the final plans were  ::) ::) so it was more standing around than doing it

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