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well guys its that busy time of year again with spring ploughing and seeding, so its time for another fun and free to enter FTF comp,

Remember this is just a bit of fun for you guys to play around with your collection! ;) ;)

so here are the rules


1. Each person is allowed a maximum of 1 entry in each section, each entry can contain a maximum of 8 photos. The categories will be

Pre 90's

After 90's

Please title your posts

ploughing and seeding 2008  - Ford Farm seeding  1992 or spring crops  2008 -  Fen End Farm 2008 ect ect

When submitting an entry you should first try and indicate how many acres your outfit deals with and try to match the machinery used with the workload......... KEEP IT AS REALISTIC AS POSSIBLE

2. The pictures can show any part of the ploughing / seeding or fertiliser spreading  process

3. Any item of machinery can be used but try to keep it realistic.

4. It is ok to use older machinery in for example a 2005 collection considering some contractors and many farmers still do use old machines

5. A separate section will be made "in this board" to allow people to comment on the entries, anyone posting comments in the competition will automatically receive a NUMPTY AWARD, any OT posts under this title, other then the entries will be deleted

6.  Once all the entries have been received a poll will be created, where each member has * vote. There will be no prize for the winner, this is just for fun   

7. All photos must be uploaded at the same time. No 'reserving' slots for future photos. Any reserved slots will be deleted and you may be disqualified

* - number of votes to be confirmed after competition closes depending on number of entries

Competition will run From

07.04.2008 until 10.05.2008


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Well, since no one else has started this off - unless they have and I'm in the wrong place  ???:D - I'm going to get going with a bit of spring planting from this year.

It's loosely based on our own farm, growing around 150 acres of combineable crops split pretty equally between winter & spring planting.

And before anyone decides the size & quantity of tackle is overkill, well, that's how we do it! That being said, the machinery shown could not all be operated by the farm, so you have to assume that a local owner/driver contractor has taken over a couple of operations, namely ploughing and drilling, leaving just the seed delivery & loading and power harrowing to the farm's own fleet.

Some eagle eyed viewers may recognise the photos from Issue 6 of Model Farmer magazine. I think I've chosen pictures which didn't make it to print to give them an airing. And in no way does this appear in breach of the rules!!  :D

So, without further ado, some spring planting from the Marches area of England.....

Contractor's Renault 836 finishing off the ploughing with a 5 furrow Lemken, while the planting crew are on standby...


Farm's 5455 Massey & loader swinging the bulk seed into the contractor's combination drill.....


The working down gets underway with the farm's own T6070....


Drilling started and the contractor gets involved with his TS135A & Lemken combination....


A fine seedbed...


Teamwork gets the job done FASTER;)


Loosening up the headlands to finish...


Heading home for a well earned pint of Jake on a sunny spring evening...


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firhills spring planting 2008

firhills farm is about 800 acres but has a large contracting business. we run a fleet of john deeres from 6410's up to 7930's.All ploughing and sewing is carried out in house. the farm is located in the north of scotland near arbroath.

first pic is of the 6930 and grubber, 6330 and 4 furrow and 7530 and 5 furrow. next pic is of them arriving at the field.



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the 7530 finishing the field and the 6430 back of to the farm.next pic is of the 6930 and power harrow working infront of the farms other 7530 and lemken drill. the big drill is out on contracting work so this is used as a back up.



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Well now its just a few days ago april 2008 here at ballylaw farms and ploughing and drilling is in full swing we are a bit behind this year because of bad weather at the start of the month, this year we are ploughing with a jd 6930 and 4f kverneland, jd 7930 and 5f overum i am waiting on a new 5f kverneland to replace this but it wont be here until the autum.

this year drilling is a 6 month old jd 7530 with lemken solitare 9 3m drill and a new t7060 with lemken solitare 9 bought just last week to replace a mf 7480 which had a bit of an accident  ::)

well heres the pics



broke a point so a quick change




oh oh what this 7530 followed by the t7060  8)




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hello again  ::) well i know you all like pics do some more for you

Again its 2008 and we are planting maize ( i know its the same field but i cant help it  :D ) the ploughing was completed in this field yesterday by the 6930 and kverneland 4f

here is the 6420s and amazone lime/fert spreader getting the last bit out of the trailer to spread on the maize ground


just finished leaving the field


our 6920s carryin out the power harrowing with a set of 6m kuhn harrows


and drilling today is the t7060 on a 6 row planter with tyre packer on front a 6920 and quickie loader supplying the seed


the 7060 making a start while the 6920s make a headland turn


both running nicely


6920 topping up the drill while the 6920s waits for the planter so he can start the headlands


hope you like  :)

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Had a bit time this evening so I had a shot at this....

Well it's the early 60s at Letham Shank.

The 10 acre field for spuds had 250 hoggets on it all winter and wasn't ploughed as early as it should. It's still pretty wet now.  :D

The two TEs get ploughing, but Dolores loses a disc on a stone.  :(


The latest purchase, a Dexta with only 15 hrs on the clock rolls behind (it's the boss of course!)


The neighbour's Major with the winch had to be used a couple of times when the Fergies got stuck in wet holes.


Once the ploughing has dried a bit, our own Major rips it up a bit.


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One of the Fergies 'drills up' behind.


There's a lot of stones to pick as planting gets started. The 35 got stuck on the headland with the seed trailer  >:( There's still some puddles in the foreground!


The boys on the planter having a laugh.  :D


Planting in full swing  :D


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well i decided to put some pics up, might as well, only takes 5mins off my life :)

well at McKeemur farm we are planting spring barley

late january 2008-ploughing with JD7530


1st April 2008- drilling the barley with lemken power harrow & accord drill



getting her filled



finishing up


spread a bit of fert on after


11th may 2008, crop is growing well, happy days!!!! ;D

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