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MGU & BGU's Visit to Mason's at Chudleigh - JOHN DEERE!


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A freind of mine is a fitter for Masons, went to school with his Dad, he said that they have sold 4 combines recently and their new tractor sales are pretty healthy as well. They seem to be doing a good trade at the moment. Have'nt been down in the yard lateley, only 6 miles from me.

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Lot of stock there at the moment. Did they have many models in the shop, and did you buy any ;)

I thought the model selection was a lot less than last time. No we didn't buy any -just clothing in the sale!

MGU - JD body warmer

BGU - JD Sweatshirt and a jacket (Hunting type thingy?)

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Sweet old F3 7810 lurking there, do miss ours  :(.

Almost completely unrelated Kev, great that you and MGU can go out on these father/son jollies. Hopefully me and my boy will be able to do the same as he grows up. Got to fight the wife for him though, she wants him to play football  :-\. Over my dead body!!  :D

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