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At work with Will- 2008


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Thought I'd better start a new topic for they year to share what I've been up to lately and attempt to keep updated throughout the year.

Firstly are some pictures I took last week of my annual chain harrowing campaign and am on about 90 acres so far, but plenty more to do. Quite plesed with the finnish that this set leave as a whole and will also prevent thistles and nettles untill at least late summer which is far better for the grass and makes the place look much tidier, but the difference in the quality of grass is pretty superb......



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Thought I had better update this thread after way too long of not finding the time for FTF. Some of the photo's are quite old now, but quite a variation in jobs I feel and I shall try and keep it brief. :);) ;)

Firstly, breaking up some winter ploughing for maize back in April.....


Next up are a few of my photo's of the annual muck campaign in May and June, this time with the aid of a hired wooten dump trailer, where I was taking over the road to a heap in the field, to spread at a later date when required......




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Next up are my Silage photo's which was about 100 acres this year and was done in 4 stages, starting on the 6th June and finnishing on about the 20th July, which as a whole went well with very few troubles. :)

Firstly a few of my mowing photos......





And then some Tedding and Spreading photos........



Next up are a few of my baling shots, which towards the end became rather hard going, as I had been quite ill for a few weeks, so had to call in our contractor to help clear up the last 30 odd acres with me......





And finally a select few of the carting of the nearly 1000 bales, firstly with my new rig.........





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Next are some of my more recent photos of what I've been up to over the past couple of weeks. Firstly are some snaps of early cultivations on this years OSR stubble, which as a crop this year did remarkably well.

Firstly a spot of Mole Draining on the TM 135 and Miles Mole Drainer........





Then I went on to do some ploughing as that's all theat would go in the wet about two weeks ago, with the Valtra T190 and KV 4 Furrow....I know a complete overkill, but the the DP7 was working away on the Magnum........




Finally, are a few I took of discing in front of the plough last week with the MX150 and older Dowdy discs......




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The Wheat campaign this year as for everyone else began with a slow start and is continueing so with the disapointing weather, snatching days as and when we can, however disaster struck on Saturday night with an engine fire on the Lexion, which is proving to be both troublesome and expensive, needing a whole new transmission system. The fire scared the life out of me as I was standing on the top trying to unblock the air filters to hear a whoosh and see flames just under my nose. :-\ :'( :'(

However I shall share with you some photos of when we were going last week..... :)


My outfit- MX150 and AS 12 Tonner..... ;D


And then the third runner used ocassionally when getting tight.......


And finnally a mid-night shot down the yard whilst on the drier on friday night.......


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Well that's my photo's now up to date and hope they show why I havn't been on here much lately. If you have any questions I will be more than happy to have a go at answwering for you. :);) ;)

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Will. I can sho you a shiny belt buckle mate......

Beat yours hands down  :D :D

How come the merlo left the farm with one grab then has another in the field??

Just try it and it had best not be wone of those silver JD ones. ::)

As for bale handlers, the photos were taken on different occasions, however I prefer the elephant trunk in the field as you dont need to stop or slow down so is quicker, but I prefer the ABT in the yard as it allows for bales to be pushed together, making a neather stack. But I don't p!ss about changing them, teand to have the Merlo in the yard and the 885 in the field. ;)

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