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Cultivating the old way... some pics for Kev and Penny

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And I'll spend all day putting it back up again... Mr Bad sport  >:(

well you got one now as well!....Simons fault!!

but seriously, how can i have one for that?, its not an act of stupidity!, i've only read 5 posts and not one is about Kev >:(

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Any way.. Mr Numpty Boy... back on topic...

There were various types of cultivators available Kev.... I think the flexing of the tines was designed to break up the clods... MF made a tiller as well... I think that was for ripping weed roots out  :-\

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the 39 looks like MARKSTIG type tines and the 37 KONGSKILDE though the 37 frame and following harrow are similar to the Ransomes we had which used the same style tine as the Kongskilde (Triple K). We used to pull the 8'6" Kongskilde with the Super Dexta in the mid '60s and bought the 10' Ransomes later 2nd hand for the 5000 at much faster speeds.(If only we'd had dual wheels then...we'd have not had to work so deep to pull out the wheel-marks and break tines!)

We'd pull the late-winter ploughed (hopefully haveing had a good frost on it)ground in a 1st pass, dash over that with the cambridge rolls to crumble the clods the following day then charge through again with the spring tines toproduce a seedbed ready for the narrow spaced 4 & 3/4" STEGSTED suffolk coulter 9' drill , fully mounted on the Sup/Dex,...if it hadn't rained in the meantime  ::);)

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