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Corgi DB 1412 with combine


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These were produced by Corgi in 1976 and are now making anything up to around ?50 for a good boxed example.  At this time the 1412 was also available on its own, with a tipping dump trailer and there was a set comprising of the tractor, tower silo and grain auger and trailer. Then in the mid 1990's they re-introduced the 1412 and dump trailer set in a horrible green with muddy spattering and different decals on the tractor, this latter release was so unpopular that they were being sold off for ?2 a set to shift them but funnily enough, you don't see as many of these around as the earlier ones.  These were the only David Brown models made by Corgi but it is rumoured that a David Brown will be among the tractor models that Corgy are issuing mid year.

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Did I see one of those unboxed on ebay the other day sell for ?100 or thereabouts :o

I've still got mine from when I was a kid, it's in very good nick seeing as it didn't get played with much - couldn't have liked DB's and the wrong scale to the rest of the Britains stuff I expect :D

The green and red 1412 & trailer set boxed, I picked up at a toyfair dirt cheap a couple of years ago, don't know what happened to them all, as Tim says you don't see many around these days.

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I'm always looking for roughish Corgi 1412's as they are a fairly good base for conversions, albeit 12 and 14 series only, 4WD derivitives and weather-frame convo and remember the 1200 that I did, but a little limited due to scale but they seem to be quite expensive now even rough ones, there was a time a couple of years ago that you could pick them up for a quid or two but hard to find now for under 12 quid or so.

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Thanks guys i paid ?35 mint but unboxed with the combine

Powerrabbit i also have a roughish one on its own if your intrested pm me

Im not a db fan but i think they are nice models and [glow=red,2,300]i hope corgi make another one soon  [/glow] ;):)

Me too I would love to see a 990

Or even  90 , 94 series though

it begs the question if any of the toy manufacturers have

been asked by CASE INTERNATIONAL to do a CIH 1594

like the last one that rolled off the line 20 years ago

corgi RC2 UH SIKU come on its not to late to get them in

for the 21st anaversery  ;) ;) ;)

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