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They are not names which are too popular around where I ive but that doesn't take anything away from what you have made, they really do look superb.  8)

tris they are both irish built toppers, these along with major are the most popular breeds here ;)

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I have seen one or two Abbey tankers round here (Wiltshire) one of them looks like quite and old one as well, don't know who the dealer would be. I love that trailed one. It would almost pass as a Kidd Clipper trailed mower (made in my local town!!)

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very nice mate i was nearly goig to swear just now then thought i better not  ;) excellent work might have to find a space in the yard for a few of them if i buy bulk they be cheaper then..... bound to be a trade price  :D

o ay am sure we could get something sorted :D;)

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