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Silage 2008 competition for fun! - (10.05.08 to 20.07.08) - Entries here please!


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Here are some Rules and Guidlines for the competition, remember this is just for fun and for you to display your collection!!

Silage 2008 competition for fun

1. Each person is allowed a maximum of 1 entry in each section, more if you have different Eras' (years), the sections are:

Section 1: Self Propelled Forage Harvester Outfits (70's, 80's 90's and current)

Section 2: Trailers and Trailed forage harvesters (70's, 80's 90's and current)

Section 3: Baled Silage and hay etc (70's, 80's 90's and current)

This does include mowing! :) :) :) :)


Silage 2008 - Ford Farm - SPFH - 2008 (where XX is the era (year) number)

Silage 2008 - Ford Farm - SPFH - 1992 (where XX is the era (year) number)

Please title your posts

Silage 2008 - Ford Farm - SPFH - 2008 (where XX is the era number)

Silage 2008 - Ash Tree Farm - Baled Silage and hay - 1992 (where XX is the era number)

If the topic becomes 'congested' we will split it into relevant sections

That way we can split easier :) :)

Each entry can contain a maximum of 8 photos.

2. When submitting an entry you should first indicate how many acres your outfit works on and try to match the machinery used with the workload......... KEEP IT REALISTIC PLEASE :D :D

3. A seperate section will be made "in this board" to allow people to comment on the entries but any posts under this title, other then the entries will be deleted and a numpty awarded!

4. Once all the entries have been received a poll will be created, where each member has one vote (subject to amount of entries). There will be no prize for the winner, this is just for fun

5. All photos must be uploaded at the same time. No 'reserving' slots for future photos. Any reseved slots will be deleted and you may be disqualified.

6. The competition wil run until July 20th to allow busy members time to enter, a poll will then be created for voting. This will last for 7 days

Happy posting! ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D

FTF reserve the right to amend the rules at any time without notification, dates are subject to change

If your confused, just post a question up in the comments section, it should be straight forward though!!

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Silage 2008 - Cullies Farm - SPFH - 2008

First cut starting down on Cullies Farm, we have the same contractor back this year, with a few changes to his machine line-up. Fisrtly this year he has changed the BigM for a Fendt 936 and Claas buterfly mower set. The BigM was proving to costly, to have a machine sitting up for 8 months of the year, so the Fendt was bought to replace it. The boss is just dropping in to see how the new outfit performed on it's first mowing outing 



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Silage 2008 - Cullies Farm - SPFH - 2008

Another four machinery purchases this year are a Claas Liner and Fendt 415, the old Claas Jag was also traded in for a Claas Jag 900 greeneye. Also a new Fendt 820, The drawing fleet now consists of 2 Fendt 818s 1 Fendt 820 with 2 Kanes and a Redrock.



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silage 2008 - hoxham wood farm - ttfh - 2006

it's silage time again so hoxham wood farm has got it's silage equipment out aswell as the local contractors massey ferguson 8280 to "harvest " approximately 10 hectares of english ray grass.

The case mxu 125 cutting with kuhn mower :


the massey ferguson 4270 loading the mc115 with claas trailer :



the massey ferguson 8280 stacking the silage in the clamp :


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2008, another year, no new kit apart from a Lamborghini on demo.

Higher Chelston farm is home to Larson's Contractors, North Devon's biggest contractors. They run 3 SPFH's, A JD 6650, 7400 & 7500, today we see the 7400 in action at Steve Faulkners, a customer from near Holsworthy.

First up the Fendt 818 & Kuhn cutting down on Friday night

Followed by the Valtra 8350 & Fella raking up first thing on a Saturday.

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silage 2008 - Griffiths Brothers Contracting (Cheshire) - spfh - 2008

well its silage time again and GBC are hard at work. i made a visit to one of the farms we lift grass at but i was running behind schedule so only watched the leibherr 538 on the clamp

our 6920 on blue marston silage trailer pulled in to drop a load and refuel


we got a good quality crop aswell ;)



backing down the clamp


pushing the first bit up


squaring upto the next bit


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Silage 2008 - Burrenbane Farm - SPFH - 2008

Well its that time of year again, we got a contractor in to lift 120 acres of first cut silage. His outfit consists of:

Big M Mower

Big X Harvester

MF6480 & 14T Kane

JD7530 & 14T Herron

JD7930 & 16T Kane

JCB 416

MF5480 for rolling duties.

First up is the Big M mowing 3 rows into 1 as the weather has not been to good.


The rest of the contractors outfit arriving later that afternoon to start lifting.


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silage 2008 - Watten Mains - SPFH - 2008

we are harvesting about 110 acre on this farm but got a couple of pics of them in a 50 acre feild so here goes

John Deere 7530 with claas triple mowers mowing down


silage 2008 - Watten Mains - SPFH - 2008



silage in full swing

silage 2008 - Watten Mains - SPFH - 2008

fendt and 12 tonne kane dumping a load at the pit


silage 2008 - Watten Mains - SPFH - 2008

case maxxum and new holland dumping a load


silage 2008 - Watten Mains - SPFH - 2008

john deere getting loaded


silage 2008 - Watten Mains - SPFH - 2008

2x farm master in the pit, john deere 7530 rolling and the machines ready for tomrows job



sorry that the pics are to big

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Silage 2008 - Lower White Hill Farm - SPFH - 2008

This is the first cut of 2008 and we are on about 7 field we are cutting 300 acres this year

The fleet consists of :

Claas Jaguar 960

Fendt 718 + marston 12 ton

John Deere 6920s + marston 12 ton

Claas Axion + joskin Silospace

Fendt 930 + joskin Silospace

Jaguar filling the john deere



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