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Claas jag 695 sl

what wheels would be suitable on this spfh  

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  1. 1. what wheels would be suitable on this spfh

    • Siku fendt combine
    • uh fendt combine

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I bought this model a while ago and thought it was ideal to be made in to a jaguar of some kind.

All I have done so far is repaint it,add an exhaust and put a rear tow hitch on.

Now I need some advice as to what maize and grass heads to fit either the norscot 2 or paint a siku jd into claas colours which looks hard.

Orginal state


And current


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Thanks Will this is a slow ongoing job at the moment ;)

Right,my norscot header had arrived when I got home from work so I set about making it in to a pu 300.

Thanks to jez for his topic on making one a while back as I pinched his idea.

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Thanks for the kind comments.

nice mate  :) but the augar is a bit off  :-\ :)

Thanks rich,ahh yes I only cut one side of it as I thought that cutting it in half and having it in two pieces would make it a structurally weak but it could be done in two bits I spose

Just looked at jez's and his augar is in one bit so mine is wrong ahh well could be changed.

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I'll be keeping an eye on this! I like turning old rubbish models in to something new with a new lease of life!

Will it be a 695 Mega?  :-*

Thanks Luke,I don't know what it will be decaled up as because I havent aasked fm yet on what he can do on the decals ???

Turning this old rubbish is turning out nearly as exspensive as buying a new jag 960 as I have also bought another two headers to go on it but I am enjoying making it.

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Hows it coming along Jamie?

Been searching around for maize headers and have found out the norscot one has been discontinued. :(

So I decided to order from siku direct last friday and get the orbis 600,fendt combine header for painting in to claas colours and a trailer for it as well.

They only turned up today so will make a start on making a plate for them to slot on to at the weekend :)

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I've been plodding along with this a bit.

First of all cut the back part of the original small combine header which fits on the model and then cut a plastruct sheet and made holes to allow the siku headers to fit.

Pics should explain better :D

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Once the siku maize head was on in transport position it was tipping the rear wheels off the floor so it needed ballast on the rear end so I cut up some lead and stuck in the chassis with silicone.

I'm also going to make some rear trays for some resin barrels to help as well.

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I like that alot! Would definately benefit froma  wheel change!

And one small critisism  ;) Loose that huge beacon and replace it with 2 much smaller ones  :)

Thanks Luke I have only placed the siku beacon on but don't know where to get twin beacons from or what wheels to use ???

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