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little toy farmer combines


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Are the little toy farmer combines (same as the old masseys but blue) rare, i thought they were and quite hard to come by i found one and brough it for £9.99 was this to much any idea if  its worth anything  ;):)

I could be wrong but I think they were last in catalogues circa 2003 or 2004. They didn't look particulary good or appealing to me but I don't know if they are rare or not. Whatever £ 9.99 is not a lot tp spend if its something you like ;D ;D

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Thanks mate can anyone tell me if they are at all rare thanks  ;):)

I believe you will find that they are not rare at all

Still see them about in shops now and then

Released as a cheep Kiddy toy

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This version of the combine was the last one to be produced but as for rarity, difficult to say. I have only ever come across one example, that one is languishing on my 'heap of to do's' at present as it is missing the left-hand cab headlamp. I can't really remember having ever seen one in my local toyshop, perhaps back then I was not so observant. I guess that they would be reasonably rare now as being more of a kids toy rather than a 'model', most have now been consumed by the sand pit.

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