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puddings tribes rides


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pics for you lot.......

some current, will post some old tractor pics another day

first one, MF285.......of french origin, i think we still own it

second pic.....1979 135 straight axle 8spd, on song pulling a sprayer, this is a restored tractor, i have pics of the restoration somewhere



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that 135 pic is in a persimon orchard marky, yup my family grows those damn things

and dad is spraying sulfur i think, hence no breathing apparatus..............just keep her lit and stay infront of the cloud

this pic, FIAT L75DT is now gone, replaced by MTX125........dunno if i have a pic of that

second pic is spike the dog, he still round, ain't worn out yet



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MF135 6spd petrol.........i think we still own it, might be on permanent loan to the neighbour.......to me this is the idea crusing tractor, fun to drive

another pic of the 165mp doing what it does best

i think we now have a new spreader, and a sing row swather.......ha ha!.........modern kit on classic tractors



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ya the sweetcorn silage is a effective feed, there is no dump locally, so you can screw them down on price, it has energy level of about 9MJME, about the same as average grass, but you don't have to grow it, and you don't have to worry about the opportunity cost of taking paddocks out of dairy production.......especially with good payouts

next..........135 8spd restore, the grey is the wrong shade i think..........ha ha!.......looks better then the other grey

and the 135 petrol in hard graft


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Lovely pics puddy... some lovely kit as well... I bet that 285 is a powerful machine as well...  :P

Get the 135 Petrol back from the neighbour.. it would be worth a small fortune over here  :o :o :o - There was only ever a handful of 135 petrols sold over here... to mushrooms farms I believe (derv fumes and mushrooms don't mix)...

I'd love to have a walk around your farm sometime... would be fun I reckon  ;D

Thanks for sharing buddy  :)

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hey marky...........haven't been home in 5 years, would be nice to have a walk round it myself

i think the MF285 is for sale, its a ok tractor, strong tractor, but the 188 is nicer to drive for some reason

when we rebuilt the 285 (it was a basket case too)........it got a engine, steering bushes, pump, MP pump (that was the reason for the rebuild!........and paint, the paint didn't last, we learnt from that tractor

all these tractors except the 135 diesel get put back to work, its a trip to get the MF165 working hard, you just don't see it anymore, these people who do nut and bolt restores are too scared to get the tractor to do what really won them over in the first place, flogging their guts out on a rotary hoe, baler, or tarrup 502 double chop.......ha ha!.....now theres a site

this is a pic of dad flying grass seed on to the steeper parts on the farm.........iseki 4451 on the trailer

next pic is the IHI excavator with at attachment we built to take tractorloader attachments, worked ok for unloading lucerne balage when wrapping on site


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this is one of the TEA20's (the other one is the 8spd)

and the pic of the 188 after dulux overhaul..........MP needs attention, and motor......but that one basically was brought, tidied cheap.......and isn't really a team player, grandfather never really got that one finished........


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then there is samecar!

i think there are a few tractors i am missing pics off...........dads new old 390, the mcCormick, the other TEA, the new old 165, the farmall H WFE, plus the oldies, machines gone.... ha ha!.....the SAMES' the ISEKIS and the MF's..........need to find pics of them too

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the trx400ex is a wonderful trial bike, pleasure to ride, built for taller people, the 250x was always a little small, if you want to keep up with the pack on a ride, do everything well........a 400ex is a good ride

where as if you like me, just happy to be burning foosil fuel.......i can have fun on the atc70......ha ha!, every thing is a ideal trial riding bike when i get to playing with motocyclis

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has that got the standard front axle or did it get refitted with a titan one? our one was refitted as it kept snaping the front axles like plastic, did 6 in a few months, couldnt handle the big tyres and the loader ::)

Shes all good now tho

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std axles nick, they never had loaders those tractors, just did what they did best........pull

next pic is me on the 7000, dad on the SX75 pulling the trailer, side loading maze with a tarrup 502 double chop..........with a flail pickup  :o .......hey it worked

and a pic of the first 188 we had......before i was born


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.....the titan axle had internal final drives, was completely diff axle......you might be thinking of the buffalo front axle

some MF's./.....188, 175 and 135 probably

we had a 148 somewhere too

here is one that will warm the cockles.............MF1100 doing what it did best.........still got the saddle tanks on it from planting.......used to spray infront of a 3m lely powerharrow, one pass


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pic of our 148 with blade, buckraking.........badly

next was the 148 replacement, ya i know the 148 is suppose to be awesome, but you guys never drove a 4wd 45hp iseki 4410 had you, we used to take the seat off and sit on a sack to get the head high low enough to go down kiwifruit rows



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