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east riding young farmers road run

sparrow legs

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the local young farmers are having a road run 1st june (today) its open to vintage/classic/modern tractors raising funds for the local hospital and air ambulance, the club i belong are taking part, so far we have my jd 3040, 2x mf 6480 jd 6910, jd 8410, fendt 920 and a super major! thats to add to the other clubs taking part, were all meeting up half way there and adding some flags we have had made for the event :D its an hrs drive to get to the start then a 30 mile run then the ride home

will take some pics and post on here asap when i get time

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Were abouts is this taking place mike?

Theres apparently a young farmers in my village. Never seen em.

it was at ETTON nr Beverely

yes there is a thorngumbald young farmers, im a club leader there, we meet at preston hence not seen us ;)

road run was great fun, about 30 tractors took part, was raining till dinner time so it was better for us who had tractors with cabs ;D  pics shortly ;)

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dont go there! 7 of us meet up and when in convoy to the event, i was given a head start with my 30k box, after a while the 50k boys (fendt 920, mf 6480 and jd 6910) shot past giving me lip on the cb, then after a while the 40k 8410 and the other mf 6480 went past :-[  by the time we got the the start i had caught them up due to traffic. mine looked well i thought given its age, there was a jd 3050 on a j plate looked rought compared to mine.

all of our group had cb's in and had a right laugh and had flags promoting our club, we have raised a fair bit for charity today so that makes it worth while :)

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