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farm yard Diroama

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well i know i have not posted anything about my shed. it has nearly fineshed just feedbarriers,rear wall, paint,sliding doors and then maybee some lighting and its done. i have put up some fencing so pics will come later

over the months i will be taking pictures of the goings on at the cow shed.

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well today the farmer was out silaging so he drove past the shed on his way to the fields he uses a claas ares 697 with loader which may be replaced with a smaller loader tractor later in the year

first the mower going out


coming back


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some more from today the farmer had to get someone to pick up the fertalizer from the supplier but he was in a rush to get some lunch so he took the sharp corner to fast and flipped the tractor and trailer i bet the farmer was not happy the driver is ok but abit shaken and the tractor just needed some slight work.



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well i really need a name for the farm its quite a new farm with old buildings to. we mostly grow barley and there are lots of grass Fields for silage to keep the beef cows happy we also keep some dairy for making ice cream as a secondary business the dairy cows are milked by hand and the ice cream is made in the farm house kitchen we don't have to much big machinery we just have nice small tractors that are kept in good order like a claas celtis and Fiat and claas tucano which we are still trying to purchase. for the silage we get contractors in and get other farmers to give us a hand when we need it and we help them.

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