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bredal spreaders

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Choice is yours, depending on what skill or experience you have with materials.

Thin MDF if you don't mind thick sides to it, brass if you are good at metalwork,polystrene sheets, or even a block if it doesn't have to have an inside, if you are really desperate, card would aslo work, the choice is yours.

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4D will have whatever you choose, other shops no doubt will have some as well. On the polystrene front, I don't know an awful lot about what to go for as I haven't used it, others on this board will give better advice.

What i do know, is it is all about trying until it works or you run out of swear words

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Another alternative is plastic sheet which you cut to shape with a Stanley Knife, or craft knife, and glue together with a solvent.  It is available in any model shop that deals in railway stuff.  It is called plasticard and is sold by firms such as Slaters or Evergreen.  A standard adhesive is Mekpak which is manufactured by Slaters.  You can also get plasticard in strips which is useful for strapping.  You can also get shaped sections such as angle, T, hollow section which is available at the same places under the trade name of Plastrut.  It is all very similar to the Airfix kit approach, except you have to cut the pieces to shape yourself.  Good luck.

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