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Lowest Houred NH 110-90 turbo around


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Well finally I got a picture of her for ye guys on here :D :D

Hard enough to get her given that there is only 450 hours on the clock :D :D

This is the tractor that Madformodels are basing their 1:32 replica on ;)

My neighbour traded in a Deutz 6.50 for this one in 2000 - given he likes Fiats so much he had to add the Fiatagri decals on the cab :D :D

Another neighbour's Deutz 36.10 combine in the shot also ;)


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very nice!

If ROS are smart, they should do the 3 variants of this fiat!

The Oroginal colour same as the 180-90 ros fiat

The one in the pic above

and the New Holland Blue and Black colour!

I agree totally but I don't think Tommy has this on the cards at the minute :(

That's embarrassing - only 450 hrs.  ;D

Tidy machine though.

I agree John - we put that on our 3600 in 2 years :D :D

Even more so when you consider he drives around the roads in his MF 168 :D :D

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what have i started  :D  :D

surely ROS will release these other colours in due course, as it makes sense, no-retooling to do, just re-paint! Makes sense £ wise! hint hint ROS.

Don't think its up to Ros Noel its up to MadforModels I think as they have the licence ;)

Anyway he was out on Monday putting another hour on the clock :D :D

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