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Whats the difference?


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Whats the difference between this 7520 and the 7020? my uncle gave it to me when he came back from his holiday in canada and any information on it would be appreciated  ;). thanks  ;D

FIVE HUNDRED ..... 7520  minus 7020 = 500 ;D ;D

Seriously I don't know what the differences are but some of the John Deere guru's on here will no doubt know.

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#1.  Graphics and decals.  The early 7020/7520 tractors had the short yellow stripe on the front of the hood (similar to a 4020 tractor).  The later models had a long yellow stripe that went all the way down the hood (reference a JD 4430).

Also, the 7020 had a different engine than the 7520 in the early models.


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