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Model tractor show in Zwolle Holland 22-23 november

MPR Models

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IF i am in germany by then i will be going. I am sure Texas is going also so I will try and go with him.

Sounds great Jez,maby we can meet there :)

I'll be there.

This year we will have our own two tables with scratchbuild and converted models of members of the Dutch Farm Model Forum (Landbouwminiaturenforum.nl). It would be nice to meet some FTF-members in the wild.

I will look after your table mate  :) :)

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also the big spend spent over 200 euros the last time and could have spent more.

Last year I had placed some orders with several sellers and got the models in Zwolle. Not only Dutch but also all the big German sellers have stands in Zwolle.

I spent more than 600 euro's on one saterday.

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Well, i will be going for sure again.. last year and the year before were a splendid success, for the show as well as for my collection ;)

and of course, it is only an hour drive for me.. and i will be found chatting with the dutch equivalent of FTF which have their own table there too..

I do hope GandMfarmmodels will be there again as i am trying to get them to take a few models with them that i want to add to my collection  ;D

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