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  1. I used this paint, challenge is most of the Humbrol paints that others use are not available where I live. There is a topic on the forum that discusses colour matches, there might be a Case IH red reference on there.
  2. Put the house together today, came together quite nicely. Will need a few tweaks though. I decided to let my twin 3 year old boys to help, they did a pretty good job painting the windows, but maybe wasn't my best idea to get them involved with the hot glue gun. No injuries, but didn't give the cleanest of glue lines, ha.
  3. I also picked up these metal 1/35 Maintenance Steps and ladders. They were more easily put together than I expected.
  4. Managed to find a 1/30 House Kit on TaoBao for about £10. At that price I thought it worth a go for the model Farm.
  5. Thanks, the hardest thing was finding a Case red colour match.
  6. I started this conversion of the Case Precsion about 15yrs ago, finally it is starting to look like a Quadtrac. Few more tweaks to go, but nearly there.
  7. Not posted for quite a while in here, I thought I was moving house so I dismantled everything. In the end we didn't move and I have only recently been able to put the Farm back together, with a few adjustments. A replacement has made its way to the Lantau Farm's, we have replaced the Claas Tucano and Claas Lexion 760 with one Claas 8900TT. We plan to keep the 12m existing Claas header for the fields which have been switched to 12m CTF. Just finished up the last check over of the Lexion 760 in the workshop before it is shipped of.
  8. Made a little more progress, it proved to be incredibly time consuming to build the ram's. In the final stretch of the build now.
  9. Made some good progress today, in the home stretch of this build now. Just have to work out how the draw bar and hitch work. Plus add rams and a few other details. Only problem with having an 18.3m pair of rolls, is finding the space for them, ha.
  10. Little bit more progress, the geometry on the contour systems is a little troublesome.
  11. Next project that I have started is a set of 18.3m Cousins Contour Rolls. Roll sections are from a siku amazone cultivator and wheels are from a Ros Joskin Trailer. Everything else is scratch built with plasticard
  12. that looks great, amazing what a difference a bit of proper paint makes. Did you print the decals yourself?
  13. Final few steps to go. Getting the mud guards to fit was a bit of a mission.
  14. Thanks, it should fit we'll with one of your trailer kits.
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