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heres a pic of my jd 6810 i drive


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we do a fair bit, from mid may to the end of june the loaders off and she draws silage with a kane from a class 890, then the bales really start in full swing, so we take her off the silage crew and put her with the baling crew, last year we made about 10,000 which isnt too bad for where we leave. the loader is a quicke 980 so its a big yoke on her but she hanbles it without a bother, theres also wide tyres fitted.

more often then not ive two other tractors carting the bales saves on switching the trailers but sometimes when things are busy or depending on the job, il hook up to the trailer, and if its a very big job we put an 0+K L25 in the field loading while id stay stacking in the yard

should get some more pics up soon

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nice pic CP, all deeres look good ,but they look even better with the wider tyres on . Is she heavy enough for silage bales  as the farm i was on we had a 6400 with low profile  mich MX's & the rears were balasted at all times as it was the only loader we had & sometimes the potato boxes get very heavy !  &  couldn't afford the tractor to be tied up by having a block on the back.

I know the 68 is a heavier tractor anyway but a friend of mine also uses a 68 + loader combination for the feed box runs & says it could do with a bit more weight on the back :)

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choped silage bales even when wet are no bother what so ever for her really, if unloading on very rough ground with  heavy bales she might lift a tiny bit on the back but hardly noticeable and thats only in rough ground or if unloading on slope ud feel here lifting slightly a bit alrite from time to time but nothin too serious and the wheels arent ballasted. however on the road she can be alot more unstable if you have the loader up particularily going round bends..... got a bit of a shock last year rushing home on a Saturday night to go out, came around a bend pretty handily.. i.e. flat out, didnt realise the road diped to one side and tractor went about 3 foot off the ground, tried to correct it and it went about 2 foot off the ground on the other side, but shes nothin compared to a ford 7610 that i used drice when i first started at 16, she had a tanco loader and to be honest spent more time off the ground then on it

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