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de Kubber farms


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Errrmmmm Mark... where is that DO NOT DISTURB sign for the toilet, i need it, that 4240 god damn, and that 3650, mate they are perfect, they look so much at home there, love all the detail you have put in

thanks for posting the pics

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Thanks a lot guys! I'm pleased that you like it! :D

A great farm Ziko and some lovely models in there too.

In your second picture is that the new mb trac from agar toy as it looks identical to the prototype photos,same tyre moulds and front linkage ???

It is the Agrar-Toy Mb-Trac yes.

What do you use for soil ziko?

I use good old coffee ;) You can imagine the smell I suppose :P

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same as i use ziko,mind you mine doesn't seem to smell???

No just joking ;) It just smells the first couple of days, when it's still fresh. I was at a toy fair once and I used coffee fresh from the package. All the coffee addicts were pulled to my table ;D

@britainsfan, texas, thanks! :D

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My old diorama was far from perfect, so I decided to built a comlete new one. It's still in the early stages and far from finished. Hope you like it



Please ignore that green edge, this should be on the opposite side of the lay out. Not a big problem I just can just swing it round.



Workshop, far from finished...









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