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i am looking for information on this set please.

I have seen a set for sale recently but i did not buy it as it was not complete.  It contained a Ford 7710 and two ploughs and a vicon spreader but the spreader had a balck base i think?.  I think there were two items missing?

A picture would be great as i am curious what else should be in it


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Here is a pic of that set which started with a TW20 and was produced from 1982-85 but changed to the 7710 for the last year. Also in the books i have it lists a mini trailer instead of the roller so maybe there was a couple of variations ;)

That is a very nice looking set.

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MF set, no. 9592, first released in 1977 with an acrobat rake, this was replaced by a cultivator in 1981. The 595 was replaced by the TW 20 in 1982 and the cultivator by the mini trailer. The roller replaced the mini trailer in 1983. The disc mower was replaced with the little Vicon Vari spreader in 1985, the disc mower only being available in this set, from 1983. Set deleted end of 1985. The Ford was always listed in the catalogue, separately, as a TW20 right through to the 5610 release. As noted in the pocket guide, the 7710 was never listed, but there is a picture of one in the 1986 catalogue ???

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I would love the MF straw box set from 77-80

also the MF and Ford together with bailer,sledge,8wheeled trailer

rollers,discs,rear discharge muck spreader,

all in all straw box sets.....9599 MF &Ford set

                                .....9590 Ford set

                                .....9592 MF set

dunno if they crop up much these days or how much they are worth

any ideas please

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