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Ah mate, this is great to see!!!!

Thta has just made me smile form ear to ear!!!

Kind wishes to you and her mate.  ;) ;) ;)

P.S Tell her "Mary" the horse is safey in the garage in the workshop corner munching on some hay.

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Great display there Maisie, forget the dining table you should expand that display throughout the house  ;) why not go international and build a very big Equestrian Centre. :o :o

Garret might take some photos of Cavan Eq Centre to start you off.


your goosed now ,start off with a pony, then a second one plus the trailer and mandotory 4wd(or Chelsea tractor).then purchase a few acres ,build the 3 or 4 stables and before you know it every Sat and Sunday spent up and down the country at shows with your small lorry and a team of 4/5 ponies.Remember to keep calm in the practise pocket and no lecturing on how to jump the fence properly as Maisie says to herself "what would he know anyway".

On a positive note you will be able to use the tractor for mucking out the stables

Best of Luck

Fintan :D :D :D :D

P.S Love the display Maisie

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