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Schlüter profitrac 3000 TVL (update 25 may as good as finishd)

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Well a wile back i bought some Mattel Big Foods from the Monster Jam for the rims and the wheels to make a schlüter profitrac 3000TVL

Made the start when i finished the Schlüter Profitrac 3500 TVL that i made.

Now i continued the project and this is how far i am now.

First the example :o



And the model:


The cab can move just like the real one ;D


and from the back


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Having just started fiddling around with styrene sheet, it amazes me how you do what you do on these builds. I'm getting a bit of a thing for these Schluters too, look forward to seeing how this turns out, they're some serious iron! Top work, again, Johny!  ;D

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Thanks lads  ;)

@Simon: Sorry mate i didnt do anything on this one the last couple off days.

Because i am renovating my house that i bought.

I work on this model in the weekends in the evening.


The rims are going to be re painted and a litle bit modifyed.

I need to make the end delay's off the axels in the rims.

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wel an update again.

did a few things on the chasis.

Made the botom stair

the headlights

the suports for the working lights and direction light

made the front hitch

and made the doors in the cab

Made the leavers in the interior.

here the result so far



Here the model in all the components that ive made so far ;D


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a update spraypainted the loose parts and this is how the beast looks like now.

Still need to paint the cab silvergray but i must wait till the roof is fully harded.

Whitout the cab for a better vieuw on the interior.


and whit the cab



The rear mudguards are lying in the shed because ive painted the inside off the mudguards.

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