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Project JD (Just for jez)


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Here goes then,started a bit later than planned ::),But I know someone wants to see every step.

Right I have never seen one of these headers close up in used condition so I am working with pics only, and to be honest it's one of the hardest effects I have had to do very very easy to do to much or to little so I have been playing with a 3rd of it to get it right before  I do the rest.

Few pics so far



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Oh, didn't you get my message saying don't bother? Can you clean it all off?  :D :D :D

Only kidding ofcourse!!!

Ah ha, the wait is over.... awesome, now where is the rest......

Looking great so far mate and I trust your technical brain will get it back together.... remember however that the parts left over are wee or air bolts.........

Looking great so far!!

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look at that, dave posts pics and within 5 mins jez appears, his poor ears must have been burning

looks great i have to say, has he got the grass header being done to ??

No Sean, this will be the maize outfit only.... maybe i will build a new grass header but just this for now....

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Looking grand!! As soon as I have a box you'll have my machine Dave  ;)

That's it folks, pile it all on Dave!!  :D :D

This will be interesting to see done, I can see it will be tricky to make it look worn/shiny aswell as being covered in sticky maize residue.

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I couldn't find the pics I thought I had, Dave. Those I did find are useless because of the distance mate, sorry.

All I remember is that there were shiny bits where you could see the maize had worn the paint through top coats and primers down to bare metal and it was all covered in juice with the odd cob or stem etc caught under guards enad stuff.

Posting the Project West today  ;)

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Dave that looks pretty perfect to me mate!!!

Some bits of cut maize and it would look amazing!!

Don't forget the side window wipers mate........  ;) ;)

And Nick, those pics are brilliant, liking the one where you are swung out side the cab over the header.

It is looking great Dave honest......... but a wheel has fallen off  :D :D :D

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Cheers for the pics mick, thats given me some idea on were the maze chips get to ;D

I won't forget the side windows mate ::)

More happy with the sides of the header now after a bit of respraying, added a few loose maze chips on just to see how they look, will do the rest at the end.made a start on the gards. It's getting there now I think the front is about done , just the tyres and the back to do, which should be fare easier than the front :D



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