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NEW HOLLAND 339/342 yellow double chops

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i think its a nice addition to a nice tractor,that is DBP 390t,the dvd i was given by intey(thanks man) gave me the perfect detail i needed to build these models...ive a few more new hollands on the cards,since ive been keeping 1 of all i build ive now 14 in my collection,ill post them all together sometime



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i had 2 neighbours who bought a 339 to drive with a mf1200 and a 342 to drive with a mf 1250 at exactly the same time(both contractors)...i worked for the 1 who had the 339 and drew away from it for 2 seasons before he changed to precision buying a taarup 602b,then 602c,then the 622,but the new holland 339 lifted a lot of grass as did the neighbours 342 on the 1250

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Bleedin' 'ell!!  :o

You really do take the thought and realise it into a stunning model every time! Never seen one of these for real, though I think the farm I used to work on had an old red one. . .

Anyhow, love them both!  8)

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like the foragers brian, just like the real thing , but smaller  :-\

never used one , but have hauled away from one ,can't remember the model number, powered by a ford 7810 on mown fields , was a real power sapper , think it may have been easier with a standing crop.

i hauled away with a little 4100 & teagle tiger trailer  :)

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i had a yellow 339 and a yellow 342 so thought id sell my yellow 342 and replace it with the slightly older model in red,so now ive a red 342 and a yellow 339,there are a few differences in the earlier model,but luckily my neighbour has one in red in perfect order that i measured off,anyone who used these said they wre the best double chop ever made,strong words,i remember the taarup double chops getting a good name too around here,seemed to go on forever



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