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start of my farm layout

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Thanks for the comments,it will have a removable roof, tunnel down the middle,hopefully working roller shutter doors.

On the layout i was thinking about a grain store,cattle yard,fertizer store,machinery sheds,straw sheds,workshop and possibly a house when i work that one out. May do some fields if i have enough room.


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Thanks for the comments,its mostly made from plastruct from my local modelshop which is 15 miles away,the bottom of the shed is a piece of mdf 4mm thick but i will put it on a larger piece when i make the fan house on the end as this one is not big enough.Inside it will have a tunnel down the middle with a walkway on the top and grids on the floor (painted)for the air to come out.Been away for a couple of days so now hope to do some more.

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