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Britains Fordson Major E27N


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The E27N driver was loose. This figure was used on several of Britain's implements as well from pre-war models up to around 1956. Horse and hay rake, horse and roller as well as the tractor. He came in various colour combinations for his clothing and hat and had a swinging right arm.

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Have to correct you there BC, that is no. 554 Farmers Son sitting and is a pre war issue only. His right arm is bent at about 90 degrees whereas the tractor drivers is only slightly bent also he is wearing a waistcoat and his left arm is resting across his leg.

This is the tractor driver or to be stictly correct No. 560 Farm Hand, sitting, for driving farm machine (from 1952 catalogue) First issued for use with the farm rake


Colour variation, this seems to be the most common colour


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If you want to straighten the right mudguard then warm it with hot warm and carefully ease it out.Do not take it to far as it will break of.Do not use anything else to heat it with such as a naked flame as it will turn into a blob.

And you can touch up the minor bits of paint work with Humbrol number 15 gloss(midnight blue). 

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LEAVE IT ALONE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well said powerrabbit, little louder please ;)

Yes super6 the driver came with the tractor and is boxed

Not disputing that, but may have been inserted by seller ??? As I mentioned earlier he is a pre war figure only, but could have been fished out from the bottom of a box and inserted!!!

i have been wondering that for quite a while but due to lack of information about it, was the tractor issued with the tractor driver or without? or was that only the case with the few sets in which the tractor was issued too..?

Tractors issued with driver. Page taken from 1952 trade catalogue



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