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Guest Fendt pwr

2000 gallon redrock ferry tanker with over hedge boom and redrock field tanker

Could someone pls tell me what an "over hedge boom is used for?

Is it comman to move slurry from one tanker to an other out in the feild?

Thank you for any help, I find these slurry tankers very interesting as I'm fairly green on these types of machines.

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Hi Fp,

I think they use them to fill the tanks up in the field. I have only ever seen it done once with a boom. The tanker in the field had a big 3m ripper on the back which injected the slurry deep into the ground so I presume it would be rather tricky, time consuming etc when it went on the road every time it needed refilling so instead they used 2 smaller tankers running to and from the lagoon to fill the big tanker in the field which they did at the headlands. Don't think there very common though.

Seen quite a few big artic trucks though at the side of the road with the treated human kind that have hoses running through the hedge into the field. The tanker comes to the hose when empty fills itself up from the artic and carry's on without leaving the field. All about saving down time on the road and keeping the tanker going I think.

Hope that helps


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Yeah compaction is another big thing. Think I heard the same thing IHP they run 20 ton chaser bins to collect the grain from the combine instead of the big 40+ artics coming in the field. The artics now just wait on the road or headland and the chaser bin come to them.


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Guest Fendt pwr

Thanks guys,I enjoy reading your replies on my slurry tanker questions.

I've only done one season's work with a slurry tanker and still have alot of questions to ask about diffrent types of set ups etc.

Here is the New Holland 8360 tractor and vacuum tanker I used to spread cow slurry.

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