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Another View of my farm

Mike R

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Looks Great Kentman - just the sort of pictures I need to see to spur me on to do my layout.  What diamentions do you have in total on your boards (roughly will do) - and it looks like you've cut a bit out in the middle (so you can get to all areas I guess) is that a fact  ???

Can you give me any advice before I make myself a layout from your experience please  ???

Not got it yet Ben - we'll see what Kentman has to say first  :D

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My Layout is set in a room which is 12 ft x 6 ft

the boards are 2ft 6 inces deep at the sides and 4 ft deep and each end of the room.

extra shelfs on top to make extra field display and under displays are storage shelfs for all my boxes with and without models in them.

Really i could still do with more space now

the bigger you can make it the better mine are all custom made using mdf board and 75mmx75mm for leg uprights.

Hope this helps

I can post pictures of below shelfs if you require but need to take the pictures later.


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Nice to see the MBtracs out on carting duty, A local (ish) veg company used to run a fleet of them a few years ago carting peas, carrots etc back to the processing factory and kind of fell in love with them while doing some work at the factory, thats where I saw my first ploeger too, what a beast!!

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