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NOT TRACTORS BUT..................

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Nice models 1972 - Finefare is a name from the past eh? ???

Fine Fare became Gateway which in turn became Somerfield .

My mate used to drive for Somerfield and one of his mates there used to drive for Fine Fare .

So I made him one ,then two more blokes wanted them so I ended up making two more .

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erf ec 11 fantastic wagon & probably the last true erf made, i could wind mine up to 80mph at 44tons & pass every thing that passed me on the hills ?:D :D ,twin splitter ,a very near perfect truck ?;)

pic2 that a leyland or an AEC

I can't remember ,its one of the corgi sets .It started life in ferrymasters livery ,another blast from the past .

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Does using the word "Ergonomic" and "Leyland" in the same post entitle one to a Numpty?


I would think so.... more like broken vertebrae cab would be better suited!!!

I learnt to drive in a Leyland Clydsdale at the age of 9 or 10 and had a weekend job carting shotblast waste to the tip on a private site using one not much after that time, I had arms like "GARTH" after a couple of weeks with the not so powered steering!!!  ::) ::)::)

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Memories of a summer spent drawing away from a Clayson M103 with a 12ft header and a Claas Mercator with a 10ft header using a BMC/Austin tipper and a DB 1210 pulling a BMC/Austin chassis with the cab cut off and a home made tipper body on the back.

I was too young to have a licence (14/15?), but we always managed to swap vehicles before I hit the public road. I have a particular memory of getting the truck (empty) stuck in the stable yard on greasy cobblestones and having to make what should have been a 90 degree right turn by doing a 450 degree left turn, in a very tight space. All the time mindful that there were two combines waiting for me to arrive back to empty them.

Needless to say, John Leathers has a buyer for one of his M103s in this parish in the not too distant future.


The BMC/Austin had power steering (Thank God!) but the 4 speed box with Eaton splitter was - how should I phrase this? - great fun!


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Guest Fendt pwr

I have,and all I can say is it's a good thing no one was standing in the gate way when I turned up in the tattie truck,the frist few loads were abit uncontrolled you could say.

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