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Nice forward control JCB

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I have a bad pic FB I'll scan and post it later. It looks like a Claas Jag on steriods!! The front pick-up consists of a Kemper Maize head and the maize is loaded in to a hopper behind the cab, then fed into a big square baler and wrapper combo. Vredo say it'll do 90 bales an hour looks good.

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:D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

Don't you think I've enough to do???

I'm sure I'll do one sometime soon, I'd like to build one with the flotations on so it will be a major "chop job" to get them inside the chassis.


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Feed Sean, dairy cows love maize silage etc ;) ;) ;)

I personally can't see this Vredo maize baler working at all, it's nigh on impossible to bale the stuff with it being so short. Will also be extremely costly to run, the amount of wrap each bale has is crazy and at ?50+ a roll of wrap :o :o I'd say you get about 2 to a roll :D :D :D;) ;)

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