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A few pictures from my farm.


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Was "cleaning up" my computer and found some pictures from last year. Have to post them and show you people what I have been up to...  ;)

Me and my girlfriend bought a small farm in August -09. There was (is) a lot of work with the old cowhouse, barn and shed, but we have start to restore the barn, and we allso decided to restore the cowhouse and build some new interior for our sheep.

There wasn't more than just about 6 hectars of land, so we decided to rent some more, and now we have 30. 15 is pastureground and its just perfect for our sheep's.

First one, 4000 with fertilizer spreader in the barn.


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Baleing wit the old Welger AP 42. Great baler indeed! Missed only four bales of 4500!! 3000 belongs to my friend's father. Bought the baler from him, and he sended me both the baler and the tractor!! "drive back the tractor when you have finished the hay" A great bloke indeed! :D


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nice pictures mattias, can see where the love of ford models comes from now, who owns the tw15 then?? is that one of yours to

Cheers Sean. I'll bet you can mate.... ;) The TW belongs to a neighbour of mine, and he came by for some coffee and parked up beside the 8210. Just perfect for a "family photo"  8)

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Thanks for your response  :)

Found some more pics from last year.

I wasnt able to do a thing after my hand surgery, so my cousin helped me alot for a few weeks in late July.

First job for him was to put down the old playhouse. It was in a terrible condition and only used by the wasps..... :of


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I had recognized that the 4000 was harder to start than normally, and smoked like a English Electric diesel locomotive on a cold...(sorry ;) )

Well, there was nothing more to do than take her in to the workshop and take a closer look at the engine.

The problem was the cylinder head gasket, and a oil ring on a piston that was broked in a 100 small pieces and nearly destroyed the liner... >:( 


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