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Winterhay Farm at last ? with reposted pics as deerest deleted the last lot


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i've been thinking about this since i joined the forum back in 2005, maybe now i have the room i'll get started  :of

got an attic space to use so i've decided to use it !

the majority of the farm will comprise of 'off the shelf' items as well as a few modified & converted models & building to start , but all that will be a while yet .

i have collected a few doors as they were replaced around the house & these will make up the worktop. had to move a few things to one end to get started though






there you go tris , try not to delete them  ::) ::);D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D

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blimey marcus, mads has finally given you time to use that loft space, plus all this 168 improvements time to, either you have some holiday your using this week, or you have won the lottery bud  :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

great to see you finaly get going with a layout, know its been talked about for a while now

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Nice area ;)

Word of warning, It is gonna get hot in the summer up there so make sure you have a good amount of ventilation. :-\

My attic in summer is unbearable as it is fully south facing so i use an extracta to vent the heat and a fan inside to move the air about. :of

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