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I have an interest in vegetable farming. I have taken quite a few photos in the last few years. The photos are mostly from the Comber area, County Down, Northern Ireland. This is the main vegetable growing area in NI and is known for it's early spuds.


Scrabo Tower is a landmark in the Comber area and can be seen in the background of the above photo.


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Fantastic pictures, if you have got many more of these then this will become one of my favourite topics. The last farm I worked on was a vegetable farm and, if I ever went back to it, that's the type of farm that I would look to go back to.

Keep 'em coming  ;) ;) ;D ;D ;D

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Thanks Robbo. Plenty more photos to come. What type of vegetable farm did you work on and where?

It would be interesting if others posted pictures of vegetable farming in their part of the country.

It was on the Cambridgeshire/ Bedfordshire border in a village called Wyboston but I finished in 1981 when I got made redundant. Used to grow all sorts of brassicas including sprouts, broccoli and caulis, Onions, green beans and potatoes as well as cereals and combinable dried peas.

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