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Forres Theme Day - Sunday 1st May 2011


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I got a letter yesterday asking me to return the trophy I won at this show last year which I haven't even got engraved yet. Never mine that one plus a cup from the Fraserburgh show and a shield from the Oldmeldrum are now packed and boxed for a trip to the engravers at Inverurie next week.

Any I remember being emailed the entry forms but didnt remember it was as far back as 30th December last year. Anyway entry form filled and cheque made out so will be posted today.

The show is held in the Grant Park in Forres last year it was a lovely day with quite a bit of sun around. I hope this year is the same again.

A taster from last year


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Yesterday I went up to the 21st Anniversary show at Forres without tractor and what a lovely sunny day it was. So sunny in fact photos taken were limited.

Anyway some of the exhibits. Tractors and commercials were limited in numbers since it is really more of a car show.

1960 Massey Ferguson FE35


1953 Ferguson diesel 4 cylinder - TEF 20

Looks to have been on a loader by the state of the bonnet


1948 Field Marshall Series 2 from Nicol MacKenzie from Halkirk. Nicol won the David Laing Tractor Trophy


1966 Massey Ferguson 130


1963 Fordson Super Dexta


1959 Massey Ferguson 25


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A late entry of a bristol crawler from Gordon Davidson. He assures me the colour scheme is correct. I have never seen one in this colours but I have seen a lot of different colours in my time of this make.


Another late entry Danny Duncan's Eicher


Ferguson post hole borer




The Mearns Club for Edzell doing the Ferguson rebuild. Only 6 instead of 8 and a bad time over 11 minutes until started but problem seemed to be a short in the starter. I had a laugh with them saying Ferguson's as well as Farmall's can have electrical problems ;D ;D


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The boys in Blue from RAF Kinloss were there with some agric stuff as well




And William Nicol Tankers were up from Aberdeen with a steam wagon and steam tractor

1928  Foden Steam Wagon which has been repainted and sign  -written from last season


1928 Fowler T£ compound


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It was a superb day for the show Joe and in a funny way it was nice not having a tractor with me and the run home was quicker too ;) ;)

Just away to try and do electrical checks re lack of spark. I suspect it is coil or condenser but I replaced coil last year since I boiled it on two occasions by leaving the ignition switch on. Away I have a month before this one is out again at Fraserburgh to get to the route of the problem.

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That's the thing about these shows Mark you always seem to come upon some unusual items. I was talking to a rally friend there (one with the Eicher) and he was saying the chap withe the two Atco's has one of the oldest running Series 1Land Rovers. The first batch made was a batch of 50 and he has number 49. In addition apparently LR were not pleased with the seat coverings and the story goes they used leather from the Land Rover board room seats and chairs etc..... now I don't know if this is true or not but its a shame to spoil a story by saying it was a lie :D :D :D

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