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snetterton model park

nick on bff

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Good man! Are you coming to Portrush for the model show on Fri 22nd April as well??

I'd like to but we just can't fit it into our schedule. We tried like mad to make it work but family commitments and location at that time makes it impossible. At one time we had even considered me driving the night before from the south of England and my wife (who has never driven on the "other" side of the road) driving us back the following night. It just ain't gonna happen.

Work-wise, if the timing of this holiday works out, next time we'd come over a week or two earlier and take in Spalding and Portrush. My boss is much more receptive to extra time off in early spring (for us) and by this time next year, my wife will be working for him too so it'd give us a bit more vacation-time clout.  ;)

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so does any one know anything about this show.any dealers booked.no advertising done locally but a man there last sunday said local massey dealer was going to take some tractors.ill be going for a look.alot of models have 20% off at the moment


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I sure hope it's a good show, It'll be a long run down from Scotland and I'm hoping for a show with some private sellers/ traders (I have some pieces to trade) and to meet some fellow FTFers. Would be disappointing if it was the usual store with some real tractors on display. I'm also leaving almost all of my model buying until this show so if it's a bust, so is my holiday as far as model purchases too.

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I spoke to one of the shop managers yesterday. The event tomorrow is more of an "open day" event rather than show. David Pullen will be there signing some of his books, I will be there representing FTF and Model Farmer, and I will also be taking a few older models to sell to add something different. I'm not sure if there will be anything else there. They will be showcasing their new farm layout I think too, if finished.

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