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Incompatible Hitch


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Now this is a question for the Britains specialists out there and in no way is it a criticism of the Britains hitch, either the old or new version.

I picked up these older models at a local car boot sale last weekend and I am puzzled as to why there seems to be 2 types of Britains hitch that are incompatible with each other, I would have thought it would make sense for all their products to fit each other.

Here is what I mean, the first model is a Britains Unimog stamped 1975


The second model is the Shawnee Poole dump trailer stamped Made in England but I can't see a date on it


Now, when you align the two hitches you would expect to be able to connect the two together and for the hitches to join, alas not so.....in fact the trailer is much larger than the tractor hitch and no way in a million years is it ever going to connect



Just as an aside, I also got an eight wheeled trailer at the same time so maybe this will have to go with the 'Mog



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Yes, you're right William, the Shawnee Pool dumper trailer will only fit the earlier Britains tractors that have the little lug pins sticking out underneath. If you've got the earlier Ford 5000, 6700, Majors and MF 595 etc, turn them upside down and you'll see these lugs each side of the casting under the rear axle.

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In this picture the lugs are outlined for you


They were introduced on the later versions of the Fordson super major ready for the trailers release in1963. They were also included on later tractors. When the trailer was dropped in1996 the points remained on some tractors but any new castings would not include the points.

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modern manufacturers are guilty of incompatible hitches too- universal hobbies zetors  one of them has a narrow hitch and the other is ok. dont which is which? any zetor owners out there?

it was the smaller of the two zetors the 8441 i think and it was a narower tractor so i think to make the back end look ok they used a narower hitch

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