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I bought a UH 35x 1:32 a few months back and had it stripped down within a few hours running into some tricky bits like the working steering which gave me no option but to cut through it to free the steering wheel and therefore the 'dash'.

I will keep it simple, all i will do is change the exhaust, remove air filter, add another battery beside the seat and change the colours and thats it.  Last night i brush painted most of the chassis with a revell metallic - it seems quite thin and flows really well otherwise i wouldn't have dared use a brush.  I added a few bits back on for these pictures:




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looking tidy that jason, bit early in the mf range for me, but wouldnt say no if it was offered to me mind

UH will no doubt have theirs out soon and it will be a lot more accurate  ;D  But then wheres the challenge in that ;D

Have to respray the nose as whilst the paint was wet it fell...outside...onto the dirt  :'( so i'll have to rub it down and go again

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