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Andy's Topic of Farming Literature


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I'm not a huge brochure collector myself but I find them interesting to flick through. More to the point, my dad and I have a large collection of literature with quite a lot more aqquired recently, that has just been sitting in the shed, so I am starting to go through that and scan it all in for reference. Most of it will probably be sold, but hopefully it will be interesting for those reading the topic to see a non specific range of brochures on all different types of machinery :)

So to start it off, a few brochures I do have myself..

To view the brochure in a larger format, just click on the thumbnail. It should then pop up.

th_county_0001.jpg th_county_0002.jpg

th_county_0003.jpg th_county_0004.jpg

th_county_0005.jpg th_county_0006.jpg

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Nice brochures Andy,

How many pages is that Grimme GEM brochure, dad used to have one like it.


I think four IIRC.

Very nice collection of brochures Andy! Some very rare/valueable stuff there.

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